• Birthday

    Birthday and Diwali Celebration

    My birthday comes on 21st of Oct, which come either before Diwali or in between Diwali. Diwali is the most favorite festival of all India. I celebrate two festivals every year; first is Ganpani and second is Diwali. We celebrate Diwali with illuminated lightning, Diyas, Rangolis, Fire Crackers, Farals, Sweets etc. I am always enthusiastic about my birthday as it comes on Diwali. There is a relation between my birthday and Diwali. I was born on 21st October 1987 and it was first day of Diwali i.e. Laxmipujan. I celebrate my birthday twice a year i.e. first on 21st October and second on Laxmipujan. I do celebrate my first birthday…

  • Google Adwords

    Google’s AdSense for Shopping helps PLAs of Retail Sites

    Product listing ads were limited to search network previously. Google recently announced that all search network product listing ads will merge into Google shopping ads. You can run product listing ads through Google Merchants Account. Google has recently introduced Google Adsense for Shopping ads. Product listing ads were limited to Google search network and shopping results. Now uses can promote their product listing ads on other Google partner sites.

  • Picnic

    Monsoon Picnic to Kashid and Murud

    We do always plan for picnics but this time we didn’t. We talked to each other regarding picnic and decided to meet at 1 o’clock for picnic. We sat in the car but couldn’t decide the picnic spot. When we four came together at 1 o’clock then decided to go Kashid Beach. We reached kashid at 2:15 o’clock but the beach was closed due to high security alert from Observatory. Finally, we decided to visit Murud. We reached Murud at 3 o’clock. We hardly found any shop open. We went near beach and did photo session. We couldn’t go inside the beach due to storm-waves even police were there. It was an awesome picnic as usual.…

  • Office

    An Unforgettable Farewell of My Friends at IMT

    I am working with IMT since Oct 2013. I have made many friends in IMT during two year period. It was a last day of my friends from IMT on 30th Jun 2014. I never thought that this day will become a memorable day in my professional life. I had never gone through such phase because I never worked so long in any organization. There are many friends in IMT who left IMT on 30th June i.e. Rohan, Yogesh, Neelam, Abhishek, Ajay, Vinay, Mukund, and Namrata. I have never made such close friends in any organization in my professional career.

  • Picnic

    Monsoon Trip to Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar

    We were planning a summer trip but it couldn’t possible due to our busy schedule so planned for Monsoon Picnic. We did plan a summer picnic on Sunday 15th of June. I always like to visit beaches. I always prefer to visit beaches in Raigad, Ratnagiri, and Sindhudurga Districts. It was a wonderful trip to Shrivardhan and Harihareshware with my best pals Manit Swapnil, and Vicky. Shrivardhan is one the beautiful place in Raigad District. This wonderful picnic was arranged by Manit but still we were missing our two best buddies. We wanted to go Mahabaleshwar earlier and that picnic was cancelled and my friend Manit gave me idea about…

  • Uncategorized

    How Responsive Designs Help in Online Marketing?

    People used to make only desktop versions of the site. They never thought that they will need to make mobile version of the site. Responsive design is nothing but your website fits to screen of any size, it can be 18 inch, 21 inch, 32 inch, 40 inch. You don’t need to create mobile version of the site. It automatically fits to smartphones. In today’s online world every site at least take 10% of the visitors through mobile devices. These visitors are always provide better conversion than desktop users. If your site is not responsive then you site wouldn’t be mobile friendly site that will lead to less number of…

  • Google+

    Google Introduces Google Business Page

    Google first introduces Google Places then Google+ Pages and now Google Business. Google Business allow you to add multiple locations of your business. You can now rank organically to multiple locations with Google Business Features. Google used to rank only one physical address organically. This new feature has given opportunity to business owners to get more traffic from multiple locations. You can add your business photos with your customers, colleagues, street views etc.

  • Picnic

    A Good Day in Murud with Buddies

    Murud-Janjira, a nice & clean beach is just 30 kms away from Roha. I had been to Murud when I was a kid. Now almost after 15 years it was great to visit such a nice place. This trip made a very nice change in our daily hectic routine. It was originally planned with my best buddies (Aditya, Manit and Aneesh). But Aneesh’s wife (Prajakta) also joined us which was a wonderful surprise for us. We had a very great time in Murud, and at Birla Temple.

  • Webmaster

    Ban Scrappr Sites Permanently

    Google has now announced that they will ban scraper sites permanently who copy content from other sites and paste it into their sites.  Scraper sites are those sites who copy content from other sites or blog and post it on their sites to generate backlinks and content quality. Google used to get many complaints regarding content copying as copying this content will degrade the content quality of original source.