Why it is necessary to Integrate SDK in Facebook App Install Campaign?

Facebook is number social network in the world and it still rules for app install campaign. Running app install campaign on Facebook can be a tedious task without SDK integration. I have run app install campaign on Facebook recently, and it was first time I was running app install campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Google. I didn’t know that it is necessary to integrate SDK through Facebook developers account. I ran a campaign without SDK integration and it cost me INR 40 per install. I ran campaign for entire one week then I decided to integrate Facebook SDK in Android and iOS app.

Let’s see what happen if we run campaign without SDK:

Facebook runs campaign like website click campaign where we share Play Store or App Store Link and users to goes and downloads the app. It doesn’t optimize the campaign and runs the campaign like website click campaign instead of app install campaign (Facebook tracking code is not integrated within the app).

App Name: LuckyStars App (Click Here to Visit Google Play)


Note: The above campaign performance stats is taken for Android devices (Version 4.1+)

It doesn’t optimize campaign so result tab shows no install but in fact apps are downloaded. You need to figure it out manually.

How to integration SDK through Facebook Developers Account: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/android/getting-started


You need to follow all steps given in the above URL:

  • Go to developers account (Developers.Facebook.com)
  • Sign Up for Developers Account (If it is not associated then give developer’ email id as an admin)
  • Click on Add a New App
  • Click the Platform you want to create app   (Android, iOS, Windows etc.)
  • Name the App (It will create app ID)
  • Create App ID by providing Email Address and category
  • Import SDK by addition respective code
  • Add SDK
  • Add App Info
  • Add Key Hashes
  • App Event (which events you want track like download, register, payment, add to card etc.)
  • Finish the Integration

Once all the steps are finish, then Facebook Developers will review the app and then your app is ready for optimized app install campaign.

Let’s see how campaign performs with SDK integration:


Note: The above campaign performance stats is taken for Android devices (Version 4.1+)

The campaign starts optimizing app install campaign as soon as SDK integration is done. It quite changes the performance of campaign. I used to get per install cost around INR 40 but now I am getting per install at INR 8-9. It means that it has improved the campaign performance by 500%. SDK integration is necessary to get per install at best cost.


It’s my humble request you to do not run app install campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Ad Network without SDK or tracking code integration as it improves the campaign performance. It also lets you know which advertising platform performs better your app install campaign.

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