Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Why Influencer Marketing is Becoming Important Part of Digital Marketing?

I will tell you the secret formula for every digital marketer should use while devising the digital marketing strategy. You may have heard the term Influencer Marketing but you may not know what does it actually means. Let’s discuss how it is becoming an important part of digital marketing.

If you are a small blogger who shares few posts on social media or blogging sites then your blog may not be noticed by mass audience as you may have zero or few followers. If the same blog posts are shared by digital media influencers like Kelsey Jones, Matt Southern, Neil Patel, Guy Kawasaki etc. then it will have huge impact as they are followed many people on social media platforms.

In a nutshell, that is influencer marketing. It needs other people to tell story about your products, brands or services. Influencers have huge followers on social media platforms and huge subscribers on their website or blog. People always like to stay connected on their social media profiles and newsletters.

Influencer marketing can be successful if you target the right influencers, it could get failed if you target influencers with fewer followers with website traffic. You need to find such influencers online then visit their social profiles manually and try to understand how many people are following them. I would say 5000+ followers on Twitter, 10000+ followers on Instagram, 5000+ page likes on Facebook is enough figures (I am just sharing my thought over here). Please also check their website’s Alexa Traffic Rank which might help you predict number of visitors’ site is getting.

I recently run one influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. Let’s discuss in details here


  • To get new followers on Instagram
  • To improve web traffic
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To get app Installs

Instagram Profile:

Instagram Followers: 2,400,000+

Instant Bollywood


We asked their team to do following things on their Instagram Account:

  • Put website URL in the bio
  • Share promotional post
  • Share promotional video
  • Share instagram Store


The result was outstanding as performance was really great. It really helped us to improve website traffic, organic followers, video views.

Total Post Likes: 5,129

Total Video Views: 46,958

Total Comments: 26

People Visited the Website: 472

New Followers: 220

Total Installs: 300

Post Cost: INR 5,000

Cost Per Install: INR 16.67

Post Performance

Video Performance


Influencer marketing purely depends on the influencers which you are targeting. One small mistake can degrade the value of brand if it is done in wrong way. Influencer marketing is done on social media so if anything wrong happens then it will spread negativity among followers. I request you to always try to target influencers whose followers are at least 5,000. If you have any queries regarding influencer marketing then get in touch with me at [email protected].

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