An Unforgettable Farewell of My Friends at IMT


I am working with IMT since Oct 2013. I have made many friends in IMT during two year period. It was a last day of my friends from IMT on 30th Jun 2014. I never thought that this day will become a memorable day in my professional life. I had never gone through such phase because I never worked so long in any organization. There are many friends in IMT who left IMT on 30th June i.e. Rohan, Yogesh, Neelam, Abhishek, Ajay, Vinay, Mukund, and Namrata. I have never made such close friends in any organization in my professional career. Finally the day came that we never expected. Everyone was emotional that day especially Yogesh, Vinay, Rohan, Neelam, and Deborah Ma’am. They had strong feelings with company and colleagues over there. I gave gifts to some of my close frieds. Rohan K and me brought some gifts for them. Our best friend and fun-loving man Manish R couldn’t attend that day due to illness. We thought that he would be there it couldn’t happen.

We had a photo-shoot and speeches that day. Some of friends Rohan, Vinay, Yogesh, and Neelam gave emotional speeches that day. Neelam was emotional that she couldn’t control her feeling and cried that day. Rohan was too emotional to speak, he hardly spoke few words. Yogesh was emotional but gave a fine speech with happy face. I really appreciated his speech. Vinay is good at speech and gave a small but valuable speech.

We always enjoyed a lot in IMT. We had fun in lunch. I will definitely remember lunch time. It was time when we used to laugh a lot. We had planned many parties, picnics, cricket matches. We had done many parties in Chinar situated in Bandra East. We had visited Roha twice to eat “Popati” and visit beaches near Roha. We will always remember these parties and picnics.

Finally that moment came they said “Bye Bye” to everyone. We wished them for better future and I hope god may bless them.

“All the Best Guys”

                                                                                                                      Some Snapshots







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