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How to Increase Revenue through Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook is world’s number one social network site and has become a popular worldwide in less than a decade. Facebook advertising is main source of income of Facebook. Facebook has changed the face of social media advertising from past three years. They always come up with new type of advertising every year. We (advertiser) can have various advertising where we can do advertising to generate revenue. Facebook has become world’s second advertising network (after Google) in the online advertising.

Facebook offers different types of advertising e.g. Page Like, Boost Post, Event Promotion, Video Views, Remarketing, Website Clicks, and Website Conversions etc. Recently Remarketing campaigns have become popular and generated a lot of revenue for ecommerce sites. I have recently run Remarketing campaign for one of my client who is into home loan industry. Client had a lot user’s database and we wanted to engage those users to new “Rent Banao EMI Offer campaign“. This campaign was specifically run for bachelors and couples who live in metro cities on rent. So we run Remarketing campaign on Facebook to reach these people. We targeted around 2 lakhs people from this campaign by uploading their mobile nos. and email ID. We were able to generate 1000+ enquiries by running this campaign at cost per lead at Rs. 150.

Let us understand how remarketing campaign works in Facebook. There are various ways to run remarketing campaign i.e. you can target users who already visited your site before 1 month, 3 months, and 9 months. You can also target users by their phone number, email IDs by upload the user’s database through excel or text file. Facebook algorithm then automatically detects users by their cookies, mobile number and email ID.


Remarketing campaigns works effectively when ads are run for ecommerce portals who sell thousands of product online because they have various products and can sell at discount prices. In this way Remarketing campaigns have become more popular from past two years.

Anurag, with more than 7 years experience in the field of Digital Marketing, is a B.E (IT) from Mumbai University. Currently pursuing an MBA, he has over the years mastered the art and science of targeting the online customer, be it through SEO, SEM, SMM or other online media. A certified professional in Google Adwords & Analytics and Hubspot, he brings tremendous value and thinking to brands that want to optimize the use of the online medium.

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