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Is LinkedIn Ads Better Than Facebook Ads?

Social Media Marketing has become extremely popular in the Advertising world. Every business is now considering social media as an effective medium to market their products and services online. The social media Industry has been growing rapidly over the last 5 years. Social media users are growing at a phenomenal rate everyday. Users are getting ever so engaged on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ etc. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are offering paid ads worldwide. Instagram ads were restricted to the US first but are now available in India from past 1 year. Let’s discuss about the importance of Facebook and LinkedIn ads from a business perspective.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ads work perfectly for branding. There are various ways through which we can keep users engaged through content, sweepstakes, deals, contests, offers, banners, sponsored ads etc. If you are buying likes for posts and pages then it will cost you more. There is one technique called ‘contest’ which helps to get likes, shares, comments and engagement. We recently ran a campaign for one of our real estate clients. We knew we wouldn’t get enquiries for real estate properties, so we ran a contest on Facebook. We offered an Apple Watch for the winner of the campaign. The idea behind this campaign was to increase brand engagement and popularity on Facebook. We asked users to like our page, after which they had to share our post on their wall by using a hashtag and tagging a maximum number of friends. The result was brilliant; we were thinking that the cost per like would be around INR 5 but it was just INR 0.7. We got many likes for the page, post and post shares too.

 Campaign Performance through the Facebook Contest:

Sangam LifeSpaces FB Contest

This contest has proved that contests not only helps brand awareness but also brand engagement.

LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn is a professional networking site where all professionals are connected worldwide. There are hardly any fake profiles on LinkedIn and 90% of the user profiles are real. It is better to run LinkedIn ads if you want your business to be promoted to business professionals. LinkedIn ads are better than FB ads in terms of targeting i.e. you can target users by company size, designations, qualification etc. We recently ran campaign for Dheeraj Realty which is one of the reputed Luxurious Property Developer in Mumbai. The objective was to get qualified leads for luxurious properties in Mumbai. We specifically targeted CXO people in Mumbai and result was much better than Facebook campaign.  The quantity of leads was not high but the quality was quite good. We got around 100 enquiries from LinkedIn at cost per lead at INR 3,500. The cost per leads on LinkedIn is 5 times more than Facebook ads but the quality was much better than Facebook Ads. The average cost per click for LinkedIn Ads in India is INR 110 while on Facebook CPC; it is less than INR 10. You can run banner ads, emailers, sponsored content ads etc. on LinkedIn.

The only problem with LinkedIn ads is that you can’t create, edit and modify banners ads on LinkedIn as their account managers create banner ads according to your campaign objective. You can’t create, monitor, and edit ads like Google Adwords and Facebook.

Difference between LinkedIn and Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads
Not Expensive Expensive
INR 10 (Avg CPC in India) INR 110 (Avg CPC in India)
Can Edit, Modify, Monitor Banner Ads Not Possible (Banners Ads)
Lead Quality may not So Good Lead Quality is Good
Technical Support is Very Bad in India Technical Support is Good in India
Don’t provide Invoiced-Billing if Spend is less than $10k in India Does offer Invoiced-Billing
Can get Bulk Leads Can get Few Leads
Can’t target users by their Designation, Qualification, Companies etc. Can target users by their Designation, Qualification, Companies etc.
It does improve Brand Awareness It may improve Brand Awareness
Offers Various Types of Ads (10) Offers only Limited Type Ads
Can Run Contest Contest is Not Possible
Mobile Reach is Very Huge Mobile Reach is Limited


Facebook and LinkedIn ads both are important from a business perspective and both have their own pros and cons. Facebook ads help reach a mass audience at a lower cost but may not provide qualified leads. LinkedIn helps reach a customized audience at a higher cost but it does provide qualified leads. We would suggest you make use of both the advertising platforms to grow your business digitally.


Anurag, with more than 7 years experience in the field of Digital Marketing, is a B.E (IT) from Mumbai University. Currently pursuing an MBA, he has over the years mastered the art and science of targeting the online customer, be it through SEO, SEM, SMM or other online media. A certified professional in Google Adwords & Analytics and Hubspot, he brings tremendous value and thinking to brands that want to optimize the use of the online medium.

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