Funniest TV Commercials in India

TV Commercials

There are hundreds of TV commercials come on TV every day but we hardly remember any ads as ads needs to be innovative, creative, funny so that viewers remember it. We see various types of ads like health, medical, home décor, electronics, finance, banking, FMCG etc. Advertisers always try to make ads more innovative, informative, appealing, and creative and try to grab the attention of viewers. Some advertisers make their ads that make viewers fear e.g. we have seen some life insurance and medical policy ads where they try to tell us the benefits of medical and life insurance policies. How these policies will help us to secure our families. These ads always get more attention as it is directly related to our life, health, and family (loved ones).

Some advertisers have made their ads so innovative that we always remember their ads as they want people to recall their ads and brands. We see many funny ads on TV but remember only those which directly relate to our life. Funny TV commercials are getting popular from couple of years. Many brands are making their TV commercials funny to make their brand popular. Five Star is good example of TV ads as they always come with new funny ad with “Ramesh-Suresh” theme.

Let’ see some of the funniest TV commercials in India:

Five Star Ads:

Five star ads are getting popular more popular in India. They always come with new ad every quarter. They created many TV commercial but Ramesh-Suresh ads got more popular than their any ads. People are interacting with Five Star directly through their social media profiles. Their ads have got million of views on YouTube and Dailymotion. Social media has helped them for branding campaign.

Some popular Five Star’ Ramesh-Suresh Ads:


Imperial Blue Ads:

Imperial Blue ads are hell lot better than any other funny TV commercials in India. They have used the theme called “Men will be Men”. They always come up with new ads by targeting male audience . These ads have greater impact on male audience as it directly touches their heart. These ads have got lakhs of views on YouTube and Dailymotion.

Let’s see some of the awesome Imperial Blue’ ads that will make you laugh out loud:


Director Special Ad:

Director special’ ad have gone viral these days on TV. This ad grabs the most attention of users because it shows a trick, how to chat with a stranger girl. In this ad a boy stands beside a girl who is waiting for food at food court and then boy chats with a girl and puts Bluetooth headset. A girl thinks that he is speaking with someone else but actually he is talking to that pretty girl. Girl says sorry to a boy and boy offers a lunch for a girl and it makes girl happy.

Let see the ads on Dailymotion:

Bano Apni Qismat Ka Director – funny by funnypranksvideo


Funniest ads are getting popular on TV and social media. People are always looking for such ads on video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and if they like it then they share it on Facebook and WhatsApp. You should make ads more innovative, creative, informative, funny etc. to grab the attention of viewers.

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